New Flavors

Swedish Match Tropic Colada – Small Batch Range

Swedish Match is a global manufacturer and purveyor of tobacco-free pouches containing a great hit of nicotine. Swedish Match recently started producing the Small Batch series of snus where the flavours are replaced on a regular basis and only produced in a limited edition. The 15th release of this Small Batch series is Swedish Match Tropic Colada. This was released this year, 2020. This new release has come just at the right time for the summer holidays. Tropic Colada comes with a distinctive flavour of fresh mango and green coconut as well as hints of air-cured tobacco and sun-ripened citrus.

Swedish Match Tropic Colada Flavour

Swedish Match Tropic Colada has an excellent tropical flavour of mango and green coconut. This product also provides users with hints of sun-ripened citrus fruits, resin and the scent of air-cured tobacco, which all combine to produce its awesome taste. When you open a can of Small Batch Tropic Colada, the fresh aroma of green coconut will hit you straight away. This is followed by a delightful hint of chocolate, and who doesn’t like chocolate? The overall flavour is just awesome and the resulting feeling, coupled with the nicotine hit, can be likened to being at the beach with a long cool drink in your hand.

Characteristics of Swedish Match Tropic Colada

Every Swedish Match Tropic Colada Small Batch can comes complete with 24 white portions of snus. These weigh 1 gram each and are arranged in the usual star formation in the can. The portions are small and discrete, and they can be easily slipped under the lip. You will have an excellent experience as the flavours and nicotine hit slowly seep out. You might want to consider fluffing the pouches up, to make them even more comfortable for being placed under your lip. The flavour in this product can be generally enjoyed for up to an hour. Its nicotine strength is regular.