New Flavors

Swedish Match One Grön

Swedish Match has produced yet another great new product by the name One Grön. This is one of their new products, having relaunched their previous ones. Their main aim was to create a close snus experience for each of their customers, which has been realized by the changes made to their new and relaunched products. This product comes in a green container space since the word Grön is green in English. It has a combination of Skogsbär and Torkad fruit, generally known as forest berries and dried fruit, which gives it a different enriching taste to the other products.


Its flavor is that of a light and tobacco essence with small bits of forest berries, citrus, and somewhat Provençal herbs. There are 22 portions in the box, whereby each portion contains 14milligrams of nicotine. The white portions are very unique as they release a sweet forest berry aroma; they tend to fill up the lip really quickly due to their plump nature and are accompanied by a quick flavor release. One can also experience the Provençal herbs, which give it a slight touch of pepper, and you finally get to experience the mild tobacco character. The flavor can last up to an hour.

Users’ Review

Many people are left with different reactions, since it brings a heavy Provençal herb flavor to it. Judging from the reviews, people are perplexed and polarized by the different tastes it brings. Some just love the unique property that has been introduced. Sampling a review from a user:

I have a liking to it but it gives a similar impression to Göteborgs Rapé as well. It’s good. It is not Göteborgs Rapé – it’s different

People are amazed by the uniqueness that has been introduced by this new product. This is revolutionary in the snus market – why not give it a try?