New Flavors

Swedish Match Lemon and Licorice

The Swedish Match Lemon and Licorice are snus brands manufactured by the Swedish Match company. The Swedish lemon has a pleasantly smooth taste that will delight your taste buds.

It will brighten up your life with its garden-fresh sour taste of citrus mixed with grapefruit and blended with the mild sweetness of peach. This combination forms a luscious taste under your lip. The licorice flavour will give you a great taste of soft nicotine taste with notes of salty licorice, in addition to a subtle taste of dried herbs. The pouches are excellent for those who want to enjoy their nicotine.

Characteristics of Swedish Match Lemon and Licorice

The pouches are made of fillings extracted from natural plant fiber. This is to ensure that the user gets the highest quality nicotine. The Swedish Match lemon and licorice product is packaged in slim pouches. The pouches have a texture which means that you can easily place them under the lip and get maximum comfort. They are also less runny compared to traditional ones. The Swedish Match Lemon and Licorice offers diversity in their offers and they keep improving on the flavours and packaging of the pouches. This has made it a favorite for those who prefer a snus that can last up to one hour.

What Users Think About the Product

Users report that the Swedish Match lemon pouch is made with soft material that feels comfortable under the lip. In terms of smell, it has an amazing aroma of lemon, grapefruit and a distant peach. It is not overly sweet, but it has a certain sweetness to it, giving it a fresh summery flavor. Users of the Swedish Match licorice report that it is accompanied by sweetness, along with a subtle taste of bitterness. Some users report that opening the can gives them a mellow and gentle licorice smell with a slight sweetness to it and a hint of tobacco in the background, which appeals to them.