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Snus in the UK

Although certain tobacco products have been banned in the UK, snus and nicotine products have found their way onto the market as a substitute. Loose snus and nicotine pouches’ popularity has risen not only from the Swedes who reside in the United Kingdom, but also among the Brits. One of the common brand is Lyft, which is neither too strong nor too weak. This type of product is soft and slim, therefore giving you a comfortable feeling when using it. Additionally, it has a gentle spearmint flavor that gives you a cooling and fresh sensation in your lip. The flavor can last about 45-55 minutes.

White Fox

White Fox is also one of the best selling nicotine pouches in the UK. This product has an icy and cool spearmint flavor with which you will experience a cooling freshness. The can contains 20 slim portions that feel comfortable under your lip. Additionally, the product comes with a 16mg/g of nicotine strength. Therefore, it gives you either a strong or extra strong feeling. If you enjoy relatively mild nicotine products but no tobacco, then White Fox is your best shot. One portion of White Fox will give you a fresh cooling flavor for about 35-45 minutes, which is quite a good length of time.

Shiro Nicotine Pouches

Shiro Nicotine is a tobacco-free product popular in the United Kingdom. It comes with a cooling and fresh mint flavor. The can contains 24 portions that have a combination of spearmint and menthol aroma, and weighs 12 grams. Shiro Cool Mint has a 20mg/g nicotine strength. That means that each portion contains a nicotine strength of about 10mg (ranging from strong to extra strong levels). Additionally, it has a slight sweet taste, something you may find interesting about the product. The slim portions feel extra comfortable under your lip, making it no problem to keep it there for as long as the flavour lasts.


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