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Snus And Nicotine Pouches in Germany

Snus is a moist powder smokeless tobacco product that originates from Sweden. Nicotine pouches can be compared to snus, but it is the tobacco-free version, which only contains nicotine. These products have truly gained a lot of attention everywhere, not only from users but also players who would like to venture into the competitive market. Over time, people have gotten more accustomed to using such pouches instead of smoking due to the after-effects of smoking, which can be detrimental to one’s health. In Germany, many people tend to consume and purchase these products – hence see a shift from smoking.

Brands and Products

Over the years, many manufacturing companies have engaged themselves in the snus market ever since it was introduced in the 18th century. The brands that are most popular and well-known to manufacture these pouches are Skruf and Lyft; other brands include Dryft, Nordic Spirit, Altria, Velo, Zone X, and Zyn. Most of these brands are either of British or Swedish descent. Skruf have more than 30 products since they diversified by creating different brands with sole ownership. An example of a Skruf product is the Skruf Super White, which has several variations based on preference. Lyft also has different varieties such as Lyft Winter, Tropic Breeze, etc.


Since people have their own tastes and preferences, they will choose pouches based on their flavour, strength, appearance and also after effect, which are the main bases for consideration. Most of these flavours and strengths are the key factor that encourages one to purchase more, such as the brand Zyn, which consists of Citrus and Spearmint flavours. Nordic Spirit’s products consist of Smooth Mint, Berry Citrus and Elderflower. However, the most used products will mainly depend on the customers, since a certain percentage favour snus pouches over nicotine pouches and vice versa. Both of these belong to the Lyft and Skruf brands, hence both are competitive.