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Popular snus & pouches – the licorice conundrum

Nicotine pouches are tobacco-free nicotine bags put under the lip and gum and the user leaves them there for the nicotine to be released. Different nicotine pouches come with different flavours to suit users’ interests. Every nicotine pouch brand has introduced a variety of flavours whose popularity differs depending on the countries where they are on sale. The various nicotine pouch flavors on the market are licorice, black cherry, citrus, peppermint, coffee, cinnamon, spearmint, wintergreen, lozenge, honey lemon, mango, and citrus. Different flavours are accessible in different countries; for example, Nordic countries tend to like salty licorice, while others don’t.

Why Salty Licorice is Popular in Nordic Countries

Licorice flavor is familiar to most nicotine pouch users. Licorice pouches have a long-lasting salty taste, which makes it popular in nordic countries like Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Iceland, and Greenland. Nicotine pouch brands that offer licorice flavors include Ace, Lyf, On!, and Onico. Licorice was the first flavor of nicotine pouches in Sweden, and every Swede wants to enjoy the kick of the fresh, delicious, and long-lasting licorice flavor. Nordic countries experience long periods of winter, and this is why they adore licorine pouches to keep them relaxed by keeping their blood pressure up, thus heating their bodies. Another popular flavor in nordic countries is the spearmint.

Why is licorice nicotine flavor is less popular in California?

The licorice nicotine pouches have become very unpopular in California, in the United States of America. Licorice pouches became unpopular after they were banned from the allegation of containing chemicals that were harmful to users’ health by causing cancer and reproductive harm (abnormalities during birth). Licorice flavors are said to cause displeasure due to their sweet lingering taste and their tendency to make people wrinkle their nose. For many users, its smell is unpleasant. It is this feeling that turns users away. While the licorice flavor is popular in Nordic countries, users in California have more of a taste for mint, candy, and menthol flavors.