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Popular Snus and Nicotine Pouches in Sweden

The use of loose snus and nicotine pouches in Sweden has been on the rise. Traditionally, Swedish use of snus is known even by those outside of Sweden. Nicotine pouches are tobacco-free products that are made by passing tobacco through a heating process and separating nicotine from the tobacco leaves.

Popular loose snus and nicotine pouches in Sweden include Zyn, Lyft, Whitefox, Skruf, Generals, Odens, Nordic Spirit, On, Granit, XR, and Siberia. Nicotine pouches are finding more popularity in Sweden because they don’t discolour the teeth, nor do they expose the airwaves to carbon dioxide, which has a high risk of causing lung cancer.

Zyn Pouches

The Swedish Match factories manufacture Zyn pouches. Its quality has made its popularity rise tremendously over the last couple of years, making it compete favourably with its rival brand, the Lyft pouches. The different Zyn pouches flavours include Northern Woods, Spearmint, Apple Mint, Dry Citrus, Cool Mint Dry edition, Cool Mint Extra Strong, Lemon Spritz, Deep Freeze Strong, Ginger Blood Orange, Dry Espresso, Coffee, and Dark Frost. Zyn nicotine pouches are superb because of the high quality of all its ingredients. The sweetness in Zyn is not from sugar since it does not contain any, but is instead from a sweetener, Acesulfame, found in soft drinks and juices.

Lyft Pouches

Lyft is the most popular nicotine pouches brand in the Swedish market and even in the neighbouring European countries like Norway and Denmark. The pouches are becoming accessible in Sweden, to the extent of traditional snus users turning to it. Lyft pouches contain 16 mg/g of nicotine level with 16 bags packed in one can. The preparation of Lyft pouches involves adding nicotine extracts to the portion of fibres from eucalyptus and pine. There are different Lyft nicotine pouches flavours in Sweden, which include Liquorice, Winter Chill, Tropical Breeze, Ice Cool, Ruby Berry, Mint, Freeze, and the Urban Vibe.