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Popular Snus and Nicotine Pouches in Russia

There are several nicotine pouches from Russia, such as FEDRS, Killa, AlFa, Cuba, Tron, Kurwa, Pablo, Zyn and Corvus. Big tobacco companies in Russia have introduced most of these nicotine products. Nicotine pouches consist of cellulose, edible salt, food flavouring, sucralose, propylene glycol, and baking soda. Though their popularity and use have increased in the last few years, their usage in Russia is likely to decline due to the anticipated ban on the publicized use and sale of all nicotine products, just like other tobacco products in Russia. Slums and all the nicotine products are legal for retail sale in Russia, but wholesale purchase is not allowed.

FEDRS Nicotine Pouches

FEDRS is available to the user in seven similar-shaped cans with different nicotine pouches, with each having 20 to 22 portions of nicotine pouches. FEDRS consists of level 4 and level 8 products of non-tobacco nicotine pouches. Level 4 is light, and it contains 28 mg/g, while level 8 is extra strong as it contains 55 mg/g. The content of FEDRS products has no tobacco, but it contains pharmaceutical nicotine from Switzerland, cellulose and flavouring. FEDRS has the following flavours; Barberry, Vanilla Cola, Energy, Melon, Mint, Pear, and Spearmint. The flavours range from white to brown colours with mild and lightly sweet tastes.

Zyn Nicotine Pouches

Zyn pouches are non-tobacco oral nicotine products available in light and intense levels; that is, 3 mg and 6 mg levels of nicotine. It comes in several different flavours, namely Cinnamon, Smooth, Citrus, Coffee, Spearmint, Coolmint, Wintergreen, Lemon, Dark Frost, Deep Freeze, Ginger, Apple Mint, and Citrus. The robust flavours play a vital role in enhancing the taste in each of the pouches to satisfy different individuals’ needs. From mint to lightly sweet, the 15 pouches are all white for all the flavour. Unlike tobacco products, Zyn nicotine products don’t decolour the teeth and are used by those who want to quit smoking.