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Popular Snus and Nicotine Pouches in Australia

In a bid to reduce the health risk that is associated with smoking, Snus and nicotine pouches have become highly popular among smokers. Although their origin is Sweden, the use has permeated outside the country and it has garnered users in other countries such as Australia.

There are several brands that have been created to meet the demand for these products; however, some of these brands stand out in terms of popularity, and also quality. Also, there are several flavours in which these brands come that influence the choices of users. The strength of each brand also varies depending on the need of the user.

White Fox Nicotine Pouches

White Fox is a popular brand in Australia and it is owned by GN Tobacco Sweden. White Fox nicotine pouches have a high concentration of nicotine at an average of 16 milligrams per gram (mg/g); however, the product is completely free of tobacco. These pouches are made of various mint flavours – one of which is White Fox double mint slim with menthol flavour, which comes in a green and white package. GN Tobacco also provides a spearmint flavour (White Fox slim) for consumers who may prefer this. On a scale of 1 to 5, the strength of these pouches is set at 4.

Thunder Frosted Snus and Final Thoughts

Thunder Frosted stands out when it comes to snus. Owned by V2 tobacco, the brand provides different choices to choose from. Of all the types available under the brand name, Thunder Lit, Frosted Dry White has the highest concentration of tobacco. It contains 22 mg/g with a powerful spearmint flavour. If you prefer a type with lesser strength, you can go for Thunder Frosted Slim WD. It has a nicotine concentration of 16 mg/g and a spearmint flavour. Apart from the mentioned brands, LYFT, Al Capone and Nordic Spirit are also well-known brands that you will come across in Australia.