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Popular Loose Snus & Nicotine Pouches in Norway

The purchase of snus and nicotine pouches can be quite taxing in the Norwegian smokeless tobacco market. This is due to the prevailing conditions where advertisements of such products is highly prohibited.

Despite this, consumers in Norway still have brands that may be considered as favourites among many users. While these products may vary in design, portions, amounts of nicotine and flavours, they are still able to meet the preferences of most users. The best part about popular Norwegian smokeless tobacco brands is that, since they also do not carry the brands names on their cans, snusers can still tell them apart, one brand from the other!

Your Favourite Norwegian Snus

One of the popular brands is Ettan loose snus. This brand is renowned worldwide as the first to be manufactured through steam pasteurisation. It is popular due to its fullness of the tobacco flavour blended with smoke as well as peat. Kronan loose, also another popular brand, is preferred for its robust tobacco taste. Moreover, it has a gentle flowery feel to it, laced with some sweetness creatively combined with some brine and citrus flavours. As exotic as it sounds this brand will give you an unbelievable nicotine fix. Also Mustang Loose Snus will give you a good fix though with a more comfortable snus feel to it.

There is more in the Pouch

While loose snus may give you a good fix, nicotine pouches are preferred for their comfort in use. With most brands producing various minty flavours, Nick & Johnny Crushed Ice White Xtra Strong Portion leads the pack with its minty, wintergreen portions of tobacco. If not that then a Norwegian snuser will prefer the classical taste of General Onyx Portion. Produced in various flavours including bergamot and licorice, this brand is unique in so many ways. For those that prefer stronger levels of nicotine then Skruf Xtra Strong Portion is quite to their taste. All Norwegian loose snus & nicotine pouches can be comfortably enjoyed with a drink of choice.