New Flavors

Lundgrens – Fjällen White

The Lundgrens Fjällen White snus product is the latest addition to the Lundgrens tobacco company’s collection. It is a redone version of the Kebnekaise Limited Edition snus, which initially came out in 2018.

Lundgrens has made a huge comeback with special batch varieties alongside other tastes that they initially produced some years back, and their products are now even tastier, better and come with a whole new look. From what we have been made to understand from our research, the word “fjällen” is Swedish for “Mountain” – and the products truly do reflect the cool biodiversity of the Swedish Mountains.

Characteristics of the product

As we said above, the ingredients of the product have been blended using just the right ratios to bring out the ‘coolness’ of a mountain environment. One can basically weighs around 20 grams and the content itself is made up of 24 ingredients, each weighing 0.8 grams, except nicotine, which weighs 10 milligrams. The can opens to reveal the product of the ground components in the form of a white concoction, while still maintaining the traditional light tobacco character that everyone loves. We guarantee you the usual thrills of nicotine – just in a more hygienic, environmentally- and socially-friendly way.

Taste and Fragrance

The fragrance that emerges through is delightful – a tart berry scent with some light pine powder hints. A fast release of flavor is also a guarantee, and therefore a long-lasting berry flavor attributable to the white portion form. It lasts about an hour on average, sometimes more than that, and the nicotine levels feel at just the right strength. The taste is a very complex combination. We noted a taste of pine and a faint touch of tobacco and fairly mild berry. This product has been received very positively by users, and we have to agree. Why not give it a try today?