New Flavors

Loop Jalapeno Lime Slim Strong

Loop Jalapeno Lime is a new nicotine pouch from Loop Snus Factory in Sweeden. It is made up of 50% plant-based material and therefore environmentally friendly.

Loop Jalapeno brings to the table a blend of unique flavors. Spicy green chill provides the heat, while the lime matches it to provide a refreshing flavor. In the mix, Loop Instant RushTM Technology ensures that the process is balanced, long-lasting, and the nicotine release is just perfect. All Loop products are packed in environmentally friendly cans made of 100% plant-based material and also recycled plastic to reduce effects on the environment. Every can has 20 slim and discreet portions.

Flavors and Characteristics

The Loop Jalapeno Lime Strong All White aroma is made up of subtle hints of pepper and a tart touch of lime. They are comfortable under your lip, since they are designed to be slim and nice. Moreover, it has a little burn when placed under your lip. The flavor is sublime because the pepper taste is not too juicy, but it adds a nice spice to it. The lime flavors are evident and consist of a nice tart experience. These two complement each other very well. It can also be delicious when paired with beer. The flavors last up to one hour on average.


Most users of this product are amazed by the blend of the two ingredients. They have termed it a great flavor with an accompanying spicy note. The materials used in development have also proved to be revolutionary. Most users say it is smooth, and they are confident to recommend it to others. When you bite the pouch a little bit, one user found out that the intensity kicks in faster than usual. Moreover, the taste is unique when compared to other generic nicotine products. If you are curious or are looking for a nicotine pouch, try Loop Jalapeno Lime Slim Strong for a unique experience.